Corporate values and responsibility

Our products don't travel unneccesary around the world

We see ourselves as a system partner with a track record of development and technological competence.  We design tailored solutions adapted to modern production processes based on thorough feedback from our customers. The quality of our products matches that of our service. This brings us close to our customers and partners. 

Our management is dedicated to ethical and Christian values. We respect and treat one another as partners in the life we share every day. Fairness is the guideline for the long-term business relations we are seeking.

Everyone in our company works in teams while promoting a self-reliant behaviour and entrepreneurial thinking. Everybody takes a critical share in achieving our aims and, thus, in contributing to our company's success. We are supporting our workforce by ongoing further training initiatives, adaptive tasks and an open culture of information. We are working at creating a pleasant and motivating environment for our employees while assisting and supporting them in every matter we are aware of. 

As an industrial operation, we interact with an economic and social system which shapes us – and which we actively help to shape in return. We are wishing to protect the environment and the ecological system at large and wisely and diligently use our natural resources. We are well aware of our social responsibility and sponsor social and other projects.